Established in Melbourne, Disegno Australia, one of PDG’s group of companies, is a creative team of designers focussed on creating innovative design solutions that maximise comfort and liveability.  We are involved in all stages of the development process, from initial design through to construction to ensure that the design intent is followed through to completion.  Led by architect CJ Koay, Disegno has worked collaboratively with award winning architects, including Elenberg Fraser and Bates Smart to create and deliver new landmark projects and iconic buildings in Melbourne, such as Abode 318 and Prima Pearl currently under construction.

We understand every project is unique and approach it with a fresh outlook.  With customers as our prime focus, Disegno Australia’s consultative approach with clients will ensure that each of our client’s specific requirements is accommodated.  At Disegno, we tailor a well considered and an all-inclusive resolution with our clients to attain the best design and bespoke outcome.  We listen to the aspirations of our clients and strive to exceed their expectations whilst preserving clarity in design and continually endeavour to augment the integrity of the project and development on the whole.

Disegno Australia is an exciting and dynamic emerging design practice who demonstrates high level of maturity and sensibility in ensuring that each project meets its target objective set for cost, amenity, efficiency and quality.